Sunday, June 25, 2017

Amazon Select

Well, I finally broke down and added this book to Kindle Select, after saying I'd never go exclusively with Amazon. So, we'll see how it goes. Now, this erotic mystery is available free if you're enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. Otherwise, it's available for $1.99 at Amazon.

Here's the description of this sexy erotic mystery:

Alpha Male, Detective Jay Harrison, is at the top of his game. He is devastatingly handsome, rich, charming and commanding. His life is turned upside down when a beautiful, alluring, and treacherous young wife calls 911 reporting that someone has shot and killed her husband. When the detective arrives at the scene and sees the way the victim is tied to a chair, he has a hunch that the man had been engaging in rope play before his sexual partner shot him in the back of the head. The reason he suspects it is because he too has participated in such sexual practices. He finds himself attracted to the young wife against his will. Will she take him down with her? Find out in "Taken", a sexy erotic mystery that is meant for adults who are open to reading about the BDSM lifestyle and like reading murder mysteries.

Here's an excerpt:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Spotlight on Male Erotic Writer Zak Hardacre

It is my pleasure to spotlight one of my favorite male erotic writer Zak Hardacre, a Brit, former soldier, and current IT slave.   He first caught my attention when I heard him reading an excerpt from his "Male Escort" series.  I've really enjoyed Zak's book trailers.  He uses the least amount of words to convey each book's essence--which is what all writers should do for their book trailers.  Check out the link below to sample his excerpts and trailers.  

I asked Zak to tell us a little about himself and here's what he wrote.

I began writing around mid-2014. This was a semi-autobiographical military Trilogy, under a different name.

During this time, I took to social media to promote myself and my books. Whilst on Twitter, I came across another author Dakota Storm who also writes under a different name. After mutual consent, and a bit of arm twisting on her part, we decided to collaborate on a book titled "Explosive Chemistry"

I enjoyed the experience so much I decided to continue on my own. I then released two more books on my own. The first titled "Undercover Liaisons", the other "The Principals Daughter". Both of these have military themes running through them as they are based on my experiences in the military and Private Security Industry

I wrote a trilogy of books based on the life and experiences of a male escort. They follow a young Irishman, the innocence of his first chance meeting with an older lady. She opens his eyes into the world of BDSM. After gaining a taste for it, he tries to discover more about the lifestyle while travelling abroad. The final book focuses on him acting as a male escort in a professional capacity. The main character experiences both sides of the BDSM lifestyle as a dom and a submissive. It was a challenge as I write as both male and female POV in the first person.
I recently released my first erotica novel, which is a dark psychological tale.

Myself as a person.

 I am a fun loving guy, and a bit of a joker. My philosophy is never take yourself too seriously, and live life to the full. I am a naturally shy person, not one that likes the spotlight. This may have something to do with my time in the military.  This is not the impression I give out most people say, but it is none the less true. It has been remarked that I am like an Energizer Bunny of cum shots. I thought that was rather sweet, but feckin hilarious!!!

When I have free time, I love to be surrounded by family, friends, great food, or engrossed in a good book. My erotic imagination comes from experiences and thoughts I have while either working or playing.  I love the great outdoors and am a keen sportsman having competed in Triathlon for a number of years.
I like to set myself challenges and goals, be in writing or in my private life. This is probably down to my competitive nature. I do a personal physical challenge every year, one of my life time ambitions is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, and to cycle across “Death Valley” in the USA.

Zak's latest release is entitled  "Alters" and he's been getting some great reviews.

Book Description:

Oliver Tobias is a young man with a troubled past. An under achieving Public Relations executive, all he wants to do is succeed and to fit in. Living his life by obsessions and compulsions the only way to deal with the world today. 
Brianna Smart is his Personal Assistant and rock, guiding him through his day to day life. Possessing that empathetic and maternal instinct most women exude. Yet there is something else that she longs for. Finding a man with the strength to make her feel safe, secure and even loved. It may seem like an impossible dream and has almost given up on the idea.
Enter the charismatic, handsome and successful Ashton Granger. A powerful character with a hint of danger about him. The fact that he is one of the country’s top businessmen an added bonus.  A chance meeting with a friend in a night club, ignites a passion and lust in her never before felt.
Three lives entwine, as each of them strive to reach their individual goals. Can Oliver turn things around, becoming accepted and successful in equal measure? Has Brianna found what she is looking for in Ashton, is he the one she has been searching for?
The story will take you through a psychological, dark journey exploring those facets in life we at times wish were kept hidden. Once you open Pandora’s Box is it possible to contain all the evils of the world. As in this ancient artifact only ‘Hope’ will remain.

The Principals Daughter

I received a free copy of this erotic romance and wrote this review:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. From the first page, with its reference to Brideshead Revisited, which is one of my all-time favorite books and TV series, to its last page I was swept up in the action and scenery of where this erotic romance takes place. The sex scenes are very hot and the plot was great too. I love the main character's conflict over being attracted to someone whom he knows he shouldn't go near because it could risk his career, but he does it anyway. What will be the repercussions of his decision to be sexually involved with his boss's daughter and wife? You'll have to read this and find out for yourself. I highly recommend this story.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Writing Erotica

Decisions, decisions

Do you find it difficult to choose titles for your books?  I do.  A good title and book cover can make all the difference in the world.  I wrote an erotic romance a few months ago and it is not selling well.  The people who did review it had this to say about it:

"Author Maggie May has woven a compelling tale about a virgin, a paid escort, and a vampire who was once a slave. This novella is a fast paced short read that will keep the reader's interest through out sexual frustration, new experiences, possible love, drama and suspense .... it has it all! 

I would definitely recommend this for any 18+ lover of romance with alternate twists."

That was one of my favorite all-time reviews.  Why isn't this book selling?  It may be because the competition is fierce and I should be happy that someone chose to buy it and review it, but I'm wondering what I can do to catch my potential readers' attention.

Starting with the title:  "The Killing Moon".  Hmmm...Maybe I made a bad decision when I came up with it.  Just because I love the song of the same title by an 80s group called Echo and the Bunnyman doesn't mean it's going to work for a story.

Here's the original cover:

The cover is very pretty and eerie, but doesn't look like an erotica book, does it? My main character does lose her virginity when a vampire visits her on a night with a blood moon, but maybe my readers want a picture of a hot vampire.

Here's the current cover.

I published a free excerpt of this book and it received over a hundred downloads; but when I charged 99 cents for it, away went the downloads.

The story ends with the four main characters going to a masquerade party where there is a red room.  All four of them are in the play room at the same time. Maybe the title should have something to do with masks.  Possible new title: "Who is the Man in the Mask?"

I'm glad that it's so easy to make changes in my books when dealing with Amazon, Google Play, and Smashwords.  I don't think a traditional publisher would be so patient with me. 

If you want to take a look at it (or purchase it?) here's the
Amazon Link: 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Male Erotica Writers - J. Strickland

Let's hear it for the boys, ladies.  Who doesn't love reading about sex and romance
from a male point of view?

Every Wednesday, I'll be focusing on a male erotica writer
whose works I've read and enjoyed.

Today, I'm concentrating on J. Strickland

I never dreamed that I'd be reading, let alone writing, indie erotica when I was 59 years old and first became acquainted with the works of this writer.  I belonged (and still belong) to a Facebook Group called "A Smashwords Book for Everyone" and look at its posts from time to time. I was struck by the tenderness of his stories.  They were very sexually explicit, but there was no trace of BDSM trappings that are so prevalent these days.  Some readers may call his sex "vanilla", but I like the taste of vanilla.  He put the romance back into erotic romance and that's why he caught my eye.  He allowed 30% free sampling on some of his titles, and I read almost all of them. Finally, guilt caught up with me and I broke down and purchased one of his books.

This was the one I chose because it takes place in Paris (a city I love) and had an intriguing mystery at the heart of it.  Here's the book blurb he wrote:

The arrival of a Christmas card brings back memories of a summer spent in Europe years ago during college. While there, the narrator met another American college student, a woman who he had a brief love affair with. They shared only a week together, but created memories to last a lifetime.

Here's the review I wrote:

"This is a very sexy and sweet erotic romance and I loved the way it ended."

On a personal note, J. Strickland wrote my favorite all-time review from a reader.  It was for my romance story, "High School Reunion: You Can Go Home Again" which I later made more sexually explicit and changed the title to "High School Reunion". Here's what he wrote:

"2nd Chance at Romance:
Everybody probably had at least one crush in high school. Most people might have wondered at least at some point about what ever happened to that person. What would happen if you got one more chance to get together. How would it change your life?

That’s what this story is all about. It’s a very believable depiction of wanting to see that person again, and getting to meet up. There is some unfinished business in Danielle’s past, and the reader gets to experience tying up those loose ends.

I enjoyed reading High School Reunion. It’s that second chance you might have dreamed about. It’s about giving romance the chance that should have happened a long time ago. It’s about going out on a limb to try to get what you want, now that you have experience being an adult. Give this one a read if you've ever wondered, "What if?"

High School Reunion
by Maggie May 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Tall, Dom, and Dirty

One of the great things about the internet is that it connects people from all over the world.  I went to an online erotic book party yesterday and we had people from Australia, South Africa, New York, Colorado, Canada and California.  We crossed time zones and came up with a time that was the most convenient for all of us.  Since I've just come out with an erotic mystery called Taken, I invited four of my favorite authors to come and join me.  Each of us had one hour to talk about our books, have contests, and give prizes. 

I'm a member of a Facebook group called Tall, Dom and Dirty that is a party venue for erotica writers--hence their provocative name.  We writers can choose a hosted party, where the people on the site will do the signage for author introductions and farewells (for a price) or an unhosted one where the writer takes care of the intros and farewells.  Even though I choose an unhosted party, the administrator/facilitator stayed on line with me for over five hours and helped move along the party.  I can't say enough about how helpful and fun these people are.

Since my new book, Taken, is an erotic mystery, I choose to have a mystery theme.  Here are some of the banners and other signage we used.

My book's detective and femme fatale were 
inspired by classic film noir stars.

Vintage Cover of a Nancy Drew Mystery
One of the Author Intros we used.

Here is a link that will take you to the Tall, Dom and Dirty site:
Tall Dom and Dirty Facebook Group
Become a member and go to the fun parties they host.
It's a great way to win books and other prizes.

Here's the Amazon link for my erotic mystery "Taken"

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Spotlight on Wicked Pen writer- JC Winchester

Let's hear it for the boys, ladies.  Who doesn't love reading about sex and romance from a male point of view?  Every Wednesday, I'll be focusing on a male erotica writer whose works I've read and enjoyed.
JC Winchester is a fellow member of the Wicked Pens. He has been writing erotica since 2003 and discovered a choose-your-own adventure erotic story site, Chyoo. He enjoyed the challenge of adding onto other’s stories, blending his own voice in with theirs. But before too long he was called to serve his country and put down the pen. Nearly a decade later an old friend challenged him to join a Survivor themed writing contest on Literotica. It sparked his muse and before he knew it the stories were rapidly flowing, helping him to place 4th that year. Since then he has slowed down his pace to focus on combining his love of the outdoors and for writing.

He came to my attention when he submitted a story to a writing contest.  It is called Cop Next Door.  Before I read it, I assumed that the cop was a male; so it was a very pleasant surprise to read that the cop is female and she's pregnant.  He'd been admiring her from afar since he met her, but she was married.  Now, she is separated.  I love the tenderness and sensitivity of the story and I highly recommend it.






Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Shout Out to Male Erotica Writers - Paco Jones

Let's hear it for the boys, ladies.  Who doesn't love reading about sex and romance
from a male point of view?

Every Wednesday, I'll be focusing on a male erotica writer
whose works I've read and enjoyed.

Since this is Memorial Day week, I thought I would concentrate on the stories of a Vietnam War veteran.  Paco Jones has written an absorbing tale about his life in the service during a very controversial war.  It took some time before America finally recognized the sacrifices of these brave young men who fought in Viet Nam and let's give a shout-out to them all.  Paco also writes erotica.

Book Description:

This is my story.
I wrote it as historical fiction in order to take some artistic license to make it more readable. Some of Vietnam was not readable and you can be sure there is much that wasn't written here. I just couldn't do it.
If I've done my job well, you won't be able to tell what is fiction and what is not. Be assured the fiction is minimal.
I arrived in Danang and the airbase went immediately to a red alert due to rocket attack. Welcome to Vietnam.
Riding YFU boats in the Literage division, delivering cargo up and down the coast of northern South Vietnam and accepting TDY assignments to a Special Operations group that didn't exist. The missions we did never happened.
Ride along on both sets of missions, some mundane and some not so much.
Clearly, I express the frustration being a veteran of a war that nobody wanted. We did our duty. Whether you agreed or not, you blamed the warrior for the war, and that was WRONG!
It wasn't only those of us who served directly in Vietnam, the disrespect was meted out to anyone that wore a uniform in that era. A whole generation of military personnel who could not express it's pride in serving our country.
Vietnam divided the country in the 60's and 70's, and it still divides it today.
Those from the 60's and 70's would just as soon forget it ever happened; those of us who served there will never forget.
We left Vietnam, but Vietnam did not leave us.
This is but one of the millions of stories that could be told and it has taken me 40+ years to write it.
Though I live through it every day, thankfully, Vietnam is a distant memory.

Things to Come 
by Paco Jones

This is a tale of the time between High School graduation and entering into Uncle Sam's Little Boys Canoe Club nine months later and the four young women who made that time incredibly memorable.

The Navy was a much better choice than being drafted ... or was it?

The four young women are real though bear no resemblance to the characters as described here.

During the last part of my Senior Year in High School, I'd applied to a new department store that was opening during the summer. I needed a real job of some sort, so when they called to interview and hired me to work in the stockroom the same day, I was pretty stoked.

I have to admit that I'm deadly shy and don't meet the opposite sex all that easily though once we've talked and bantered, I'm good to go. Doing that initial touch base is something that doesn't come natural to me, but this was a fun job and gave me the opportunity to meet some really cute girls.

I've always kind of envied those guys that can walk into a bar, spot a cute girl, walk over and strike up a conversation, then be able to take them home and screw the shit out of them. It's just never been my forte.

Wendy was the catalyst for this story, but I can't tell her story without Diane, Brenda, and Tina. It turned out to be every guys fantasy, only better.

In the end, one of the girls and me turned out to be soul mates of a sort and though all still partook of the activities, she and I were inseparable until it was time to go to boot camp. Then, life for me, went to hell in a hand basket

As I was to find out, many of the girls I worked around were very hot to trot. Yeah, yeah, I know, they always say don't shit where you eat, but I was going to be gone in six months anyway.

The United States Navy and Vietnam were calling my name.