Sunday, June 10, 2018

Excerpt from Sex Between the Stacks

Hi everyone.  I hope you're having a great weekend.  I thought I'd share with you a sexy excerpt from my latest erotic story; but I must caution you: it's for Adults Only!

I'll start with a book description:

How far would you go to keep your job? That's what a sexy librarian must ask herself in this fun erotic romance. A randy judge who is on the Board of Trustees for her law library is one among seven who is cutting positions due to lack of patronage and cuts in funding. How foolish, vulnerable and needy would she become, bending over for the judge? 


They both looked so hot stroking themselves.  In my book, there’s no hotter sight than seeing two sexy men giving themselves a hand job at the same time.
I unclasped the front hook of my bra and released my big titties.  They jiggled to life.  I played with them, squeezed them together, and released them; then made them quiver back and forth by doing a little shimmy.
The judge called out to Warren, “Come on, big guy.  Let’s shoot our cum all over her big tits.”
“Really?  Can we?” Warren was stunned.
“Yeah, come on.  Let’s try to do it at the same time.”
It was very important to me that I position my tits in a way that would allow them to have the most cum-coverage, so I lifted them up to meet each shot of juice they were aiming at me. By the time the two had finished squirting their loads on me, I had a very hot orgasm in the library’s Room of Repose.  Ah…a librarian’s life is never dull.


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Monday, May 28, 2018

Sex in the Library

I worked in a Law Library for several years and wrote this erotic romance that features some real people I knew there as my inspiration.  I'm sure they would have a laugh and get a kick out of this nasty tale about them. There's a heck of a lot of hanky-panky going on.

How far would you go to keep your job? That's what a sexy librarian must ask herself in this fun erotic romance. A randy judge who is on the Board of Trustees for her law library is one among seven who is cutting positions due to lack of patronage and diminishing funds. How foolish, vulnerable and needy would she become, bending over for the judge? 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Here's an Excerpt from Our Sexy Surrogate-- For Adults Only!

He and Serena seemed to really hit it off.  I reminded myself to not be jealous.  This whole thing was my idea, after all.
Before leaving, we agreed to meet at our house the next night and I wrote down our address for her and made our goodbyes.  John kissed her on the cheek and said, “Until tomorrow night, then.”
“Hmmm…” I thought.  I had to remind myself that this was my idea, after all.
My husband and I had drunk a little too much bubbly at dinner and when we got home, we practically tore off each other’s clothes.  He grabbed my blouse and lifted it over my head.  He buried his face between my breasts.  I teased him, “Did you like hers?”
“I love yours,” he corrected me.
“But did you want to see more of hers?  I did.”
He kept rubbing his face into my cleavage and said, “Oh, yeah.  Definitely.”
“Her tits were really big, weren’t they?”
He laughed at my choice of words.  “You’re very naughty tonight.”
“Well, weren’t they?” I persisted.
“Did you want to bounce them up and down?”
He laughed and bounced mine.  “You mean like this?”
“Yes.  Would you like to do that with her?”
I was glad that he had lost his inhibitions and was open to playing with me.  I unbuttoned his pants and freed his large cock.  It was coated in precum.  I got on my knees to taste his juices and felt him getting harder and starting to have an orgasm.  That fast!  I held back a bit and asked, “Would you like to get on top of her and fuck her?”
“Mmm…” was all he answered.
“Would you like your cock to pound her and watch her tits jiggle with each of your thrusts?”
He laughed and said, “You’re really nasty tonight, aren’t you?”
I repeated, “Well, as I was saying, would you like your cock to pound her and watch her tits jiggle with each of your thrusts.”
“Oh, yeah,” he answered and pushed me to the carpet.
He was so excited that he almost came before I put his dick in me.  I loved that we were no longer obsessed with thermometers and calendars that had my ovulating days on them.  We were free of them and felt as randy as we did when we first met.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

My New Erotic Romance "Our Sexy Surrogate"

I have just finished writing this erotic romance which I hope you will enjoy.  Here's what it is about:

A young couple was having trouble conceiving a child until they met a sexy lesbian who had a unique offer they couldn't refuse. She was willing to have sex with the husband as long as his beautiful wife could be part of the action. Will he be able to satisfy the lust of these two hot women? Will they all get along like one big happy family? Find out in this erotic romance that is very sexually explicit and meant for readers 18+.

Here are some teasers to tempt you:

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Monday, March 5, 2018

So many men; So many books

People often ask me where I get the models for the male characters in the erotic romances that I write.  Do I write from experience? Do I know these sexy men?  Well...the short answer is "Kinda".

The story that most represents my life and experience is High School Reunion.  This romance is loosely based on my courtship with my husband.  I knew him in high school, but I was too immature to pick up on the signals he was sending at the time when he gave me a romantic poem that he'd written about his feelings towards me on the last day of school. Yes, I was an idiot but he gave me a second chance.

The main character in my story is a musician and writer, like my husband.  He's a Ginger with freckles and long legs that seem to go on forever.  The mystery in my story is whether or not he will show up at the reunion ten years after they graduate.  Is it too late for them?  Or will they get a second chance at love?

Speaking of musicians, the main character in my erotic romance Storyville: A Time Travel Erotic Romance is modeled after one of my favorite New Orleans musicians, Jelly Roll Morton.  In the story, a modern girl flees California after catching her boyfriend cheating on her.  She lives across the street from the St. Louis Cemetary in New Orleans and falls in love with a sexy Creole man, who is actually a ghost from the days of Storyville, the notorious red-light district in New Orleans in the late 1800s. He introduces her to sexual situations that challenge her jealousy when he wants her to have sex with his wife and his boyfriend who owns one of the Brennan Restaurants in the city.  Will she revolt?  Or will she acquiesce?

I didn't set out to write two erotic romances that feature African American men but wrote one again into my story The Killing Moon: An Erotic Vampire Romance.  He bears a striking resemblance to the actor Idris Elba.  I love the Civil War and couldn't resist writing about a vampire who used to be a slave.  Don't you just love stories about vampires?  I do.  I always empathized with Lon Chaney's Phantom of the Opera and Wolfman and was fascinated by the True Blood series on HBO.

My character in the story is attracted to another book boyfriend I created.  He lives in Charleston and is a famous chef.  He is into BDSM and she goes to his house with her friend Candy, the hooker.
The three of them have a very good time in his red room.  When I was writing the dialog for him, I pictured Alexander Skarsgard.  I must have still been thinking about True Blood.

I love reading, writing, and watching mysteries, so I wrote an erotic mystery entitled Taken In about a homicide detective who ends up falling for his prime suspect.

Speaking of cops, I wrote a story about the sexual fantasies of a sexy cop and a hot teacher.  It's called Hot for Teacher.  My characters meet in the laundry room of their apartment complex.

I used to work in a library next to a courthouse, so I used that location in my story of a sexy older husband who catches his young wife flirting with the guys in their apartment's communal jacuzzi.  He teaches her a lesson she'll never forget.

Last, but next least I wrote a cougar story called Candy's Room about a young man who bears a striking resemblance to a young Leonardo Caprio.  She invites him back to her apartment after meeting him at a convenience store and ends up breaking his heart. sounds like Maggie May.  Hmmm.

Would you like to get better acquainted with my boyfriends?  If so, here's my author's page at Amazon.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Cougar Story

The first erotic story I wrote is called Candy's Room.  I wanted to write a coming of age story about a first time experience that left an 18-year-old guy hurt and alone afterward; kind of like "The Summer of 42". For erotica, I think it's a very sweet story. You'll want to give him a big hug after you're finished reading it. (I know I did).

Here's an excerpt from Candy's Room:

I knew she was older, but I didn’t know by how many years.  I could tell that she had a lot of experience with guys because she seemed to have a lot of confidence in the flirting department.  Whereas I felt like a total doofus standing there with my hard-on watching her gorgeous full red lips sucking that damned popsicle up and down.  Like an idiot, I said, “I bet your tongue is getting red.”

I couldn't believe it when she invited me back to her apartment.  Once we were inside, she asked me to untie the shoelaces that wrapped around her gorgeous calves. I did as requested. I was her humble servant.  I untied them very slowly, savoring each time my fingertips touched her flesh. I got up the courage to reach over to kiss her. She tasted so good from eating the Popsicle.  I would love that taste for the rest of my life.  I told her, “You taste like the Big-Stick.”

“Do I?” she asked, knowing full-well the sexual overtones of what I’d just said.  We both laughed.

I reached over and boldly pushed her tube top down.  I had been dying to do it since I first laid eyes on her.  Her tits were big.  Really big.  I couldn’t believe she was letting me see them.  I told her, “You are so beautiful.”
I’m sure I wasn’t the first guy to ever see them, but I was really starting to like the idea of her showing me how to be her lover.  I liked that she was older.  Even though there was a big age difference.  I wondered who she’d been with.  How many guys had she fucked?

Candy's Room
Maggie May 
99 cents 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Blood Moon

Don't forget to look up in the sky early tomorrow morning to see The Blood Moon. It will look the best on the west coast at 5:00 a.m. Here's an excerpt from my story The Killing Moon: An Erotic Vampire Romance which stars a blood moon:

"While I’m enjoying my latte and reading the newspaper Saturday morning, I learn that there will be a blood moon tonight. It sounds creepy, but I am fascinated and read more. I learn that the term “blood moon” refers to a complete lunar eclipse that causes the moon to appear red. All sorts of legends surround the phenomena. Many see a cosmic significance. Some believe it may be a sign of God that portends an approaching apocalypse. For others, it signals a certain foreboding. Something is about to change. I read the last line, something is about to change, again. Call me nuts, but I took it as a sign. Maybe tonight I will see my vampire again! What have I got to lose? Deciding to do something special, I call for an appointment at my hairdresser’s. I tell her I am going to a Renaissance Festival and want my long hair curled with flowers interwoven in my tresses. Next, I go dress shopping. I’m looking for a flowing white gypsy gown that is floor length. I find just what I’m looking for at Macy’s. There’s a Victoria Secret store in the mall, and I stop in there and buy some sexy white lingerie.

Back home, I take a bubble bath and shave my legs and pubes; and then put on my white dress. Before my hair appointment, I stop at the florist and tell them what I want and they provide the flowers: lilies of the valley, baby’s breath, and coral-bells. The sun is almost down by the time I get back home from my hairdresser. Maybe the full moon is making me a little mad tonight, I think as I look at myself in the floor length mirror in my bedroom. I laugh at myself. You little fool. Well, at least I got a pretty dress and my hair looks nice.

I make myself a quick salad and wait to see what the night shall bring forth. At about eight o’clock, I look out my window at the blood moon for the billionth time. I scold myself, thinking, I’m a college educated woman and I fell for all the superstitious malarkey. I feel so frustrated and lonely that I start crying. Then, I see a man standing in my backyard. It’s him. My vampire! I run outside to greet him and throw my arms around him. 

He laughs at my enthusiasm. “Stand back, Renee,” he says. “Let me get a good look at you.” I twirl around so he gets a complete view and then I do a little curtsy. He laughs and says, “What a beautiful girl you are! What’s the occasion?”

“It’s the blood moon,” I say, pointing up at it.

He tells me, “In the vampire culture, some call it a killing moon.”

“Why?” I ask.

“Because some of us went out in large groups to find humans to feed off of.” 

He has totally ruined the mood for me and I take a step backward, repelled by him. “Did you kill anyone?”

“I’d rather not say.”

“You actually did, didn’t you?!” I ask, horrified. 

“I was a young vampire. I learned not to over the years.” 

“Are you going to kill me tonight?” I ask, feeling totally heartbroken. 

“Of course not! I love you!”

"Is it me you love or just my blood?”

“You! I don’t need your blood now that I can get it synthetically.”

“Let’s go inside,” I tell him. I feel like a fool for falling in love with such a man. I begin taking the flowers out of my hair and throwing them down. He picks them up and follows me.

At the threshold, he says, “I sense that you don’t want me here. You must invite me inside. I can’t come in until you do.” I want to trust him. I want to lose my virginity tonight; I’ve been looking forward to it; so I acquiesce.

“Come on in,” I tell him and lead him to my bedroom where, earlier in the night, I had lit candles. I sit on the bed and pat the area next to me.

He sits down and says, “You look like a bride tonight.” He runs his fingers through my curls and weaves the flowers I was wearing back into my hair. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“Thank you,” I tentatively say.

“I’m serious. You are so lovely.” I put my hand on his leg, starting to warm up to him. He reaches down to the bottom of my dress and slowly lifts it up. With his hand underneath, he stops when he feels the garters that are holding up my thigh highs. He travels up to my garter belt and says, “I love these. So sexy.” He unclasps the garters on my left leg and slowly rolls my stocking down to my feet. Then, he gingerly takes it off and kisses my foot. My heart melts when I see his tenderness. “You like?” he asks.

“I love,” I answer. “Do the same thing to my right leg.”

“Yes. I’d be honored.” He rolls down my stocking just as slowly and sensually as he did with the other, and kisses my foot when he’s done. His kisses travel up my leg and I wonder if he’s going lick my pussy. I hope so!! When he reaches my slit, I tremble, waiting for him. With his first lick, I almost have an orgasm, I’m so excited. He spends time licking and teasing the outside of my pussy and then inserts a finger. “You’re really wet,” he tells me.

“Good,” I tell him. “I am ready for you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Please. I want you to take me tonight.” He lies me down on my bed and climbs on top of me, smothering me with kisses. I feel little bites on my neck. It reminds me of getting hickeys from boys when I was in junior high school. It doesn’t really hurt. I know that he wants my blood. Totally surrendering to him, I say, “Do it! Please, just do it!”

“Are you sure?” he asks. 

“Yes. I want you.” With that, he buries his teeth into my neck. It doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. In fact, it turns me on. I hear him lapping up my blood and wonder what my white sheets are going to look like in the morning. Then, I brush away the thought. Who cares? I can buy new ones! He stands up next to the bed and steps out of his clothes. I let out a sigh when I see his magnificent body. He is perfection. Muscular and taut. Wide shoulders tapering down to a thin waist. My eyes follow him down to where I see his Vee, just the way Candy told me. The Vee leads down to his pubic hair and I get my first look at his big hard cock. Wow! Will I be able to take him inside of me? Will his girth tear me apart? As if he can read my mind, he once more goes down to my pussy to make me a wet as I can possibly be before he puts his cock inside of me. I’m touched by his concern for me. I feel cherished. Like I’m special. I reach down to feel him and am delighted to touch his precum. I lift him from on top and touch his body, which beautifully glows in the candlelight. I edge my mouth down to his cock and cover it with kisses. I suck and take him as far as I can go in my mouth and he groans with pleasure. I spit on my hand and rub saliva all over his cock until it is saturated with both my saliva and his pre-cum. I come back to meet his mouth and say, “It’s time. Take me.” With that assurance, he slowly introduces his cock to my pussy. He probes his way in, not taking me all at once. My pubic bone rubs against his pelvis and turns me on even more. He can feel me squeezing his dick with pleasure, welcoming him inside. With one thrust, he pops my cherry and goes all the way in. I feel overpowered and love being in this position. I can feel an orgasm building. My pussy walls grab his cock. They are so strong that I almost push him completely out. Oh, my God!! It feels so good!! We both have an orgasm at the same time. It is the best thing I’ve ever experienced with anyone. I belong to him now." 

 Would you like to read more? Here's where it's available for $1.99.