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Author Spotlight Mystqx Skye

Thanks for joining us on my blog today, Mystqx! 

Here are some questions for you:

As a writer/lover of words, would you be able to describe yourself in just 2 words and why the chosen word.

Answer: Free Spirit. I love freedom in all its sense. The freedom to feel, act, write, do whatever my heart desires, free from the influence and negativity of other people - it is a wish I desire to fulfill everyday, to live and not just be alive.

This is your first published poetry book and I heard that there are some secrets in the pages. What does the title actually mean? How do you select the title of the poems?

Answer: Bared – Beneath a Myriad of Skies implies baring one’s soul. The cover image tells a lot about it too. It’s a woman consoling herself as she tries to bare her soul. The mandala tattooed on her skin is a reflection of her memories, hopes, dreams, passion, rage, frustration, longing, healing – her depths. The subtitle “Beneath A Myriad of Skies” denotes the different times and places that has witnessed my confessions. Some writings in my poetry book are writings I wrote 20 years ago and somewhen during that time, the skies are bluer than blue, or shadier than shades of gray. The images that goes with the writings are special places where I have been and where I have written some of the prose or poetry. The titles of my poems are either the essence of the poem or the message hidden in the writings.

So after finding out that there are actually secret messages written in between words and pages, why did you write it? Are you ready to tell us some of the secrets? 

Answer: Some of the writings you will read in the book are from memories. I am looking for the “half-owner” of those memories – in the hopes that I will be found and in this lifetime.

What is your writing process like?

Answer: A word. I need a word to start with anything and then my writings flow from there. Usually I write things first on paper as I love the feel of paper and pen. Then a phrase composed with that word builds up the direction of where and how I will write. Music and food sets my mood before I start caressing my notes and pressing those letters on my keyboard.

What are common traps for aspiring writers?

Answer: Dipping your pen in so many inks. It can be overwhelming to write about so many things. You accumulate drafts after drafts and by the time you know it you are caught in a web of chaos.

What is your writing Kryptonite?

Answer: When I can’t find it in myself to connect with what I want to write – then I feel empty. Imagination works fine – I can write what I can imagine but it would be just descriptive and it takes too much energy to make it sound real and relatable. Words after words are written but the emotions doesn’t flow in it.

What is the hardest thing for you to write?

Answer: Digging deep into the recesses of one’s heart and mind may be sad, scary and at times emotionally draining but to write about is rewarding because somehow I could find a relief of heart.  I can write the story in shades or color coat it however I want, but the hardest thing to write is the naked truth of a certain matter because there is no absolute truth.

I know this is a question usually asked to writers, but in any case I am curious to know – how do you fight writers block?

Answer: I don’t fight it but I go with the flow. There is really no proper cure for this. but I find emptying your mind works like rebooting. Take a walk outside, go to a cafe, hang around and do nothing, take a long warm bath, activities that don't require serious thinking helps like magic. I really stop doing anything that has to do with writing and take a break to refresh my mind.

What kind of writer are you? 

Answer: Free rein. Although I have a central plot, I write in the direction of where the flow of ideas take me.

What is the most important thing about a book in your opinion? 

Answer: The choice of words that connects the book with the target reader. It should be able to capture the senses of the readers.

Where do you get your inspiration to write?

Answer:  Feeling, seeing, reading, hearing emotions in its purest state – raw emotion - inspires me to write, so I look for those in nature, in strangers, real life situations like watching kids. You can find the most honest reactions most of the time in kid’s faces.

Any projects in line? 

Answer: Currently I am working on finishing 2 books. A non-fiction book about the negative stereotypes in society and the other one is a mystery romance novel.

Author BIO: Mystqx Skye
Born in the spirit of “The Archer”, a life traveller and truth seeker –  she loves to write about life in all its hues, in the hopes that one could find inspiration and courage through her writings. Mystqx Skye is a  Zurich-based writer and a hobby photographer who authored the most intriguing poetry book: Bared – Beneath a Myriad of Skies. Her flavourful writing style was cultivated during her globe-trotting years as a Marketing Communication Strategist.  Discover more of her writings on life’s beautiful contradictions, rebellious hearts and steamy affairs at

Bared – Beneath a Myriad of Skies 

Book Description: Bared – Beneath a Myriad of Skies
Bared – Beneath a Myriad of Skies is a one of a kind poetry book. Revel in the exquisite art of prose and poetry composed of intense imageries and intriguing visuals. Every page evokes a different emotion. Every leaf leads to a different discovery.

This unique 117 page poetry book inspires and encourages love for self and others, inner self-discovery, understanding relationships and appreciating the beauty of life. The visuals in the book (mandala art coloring pages, essence of a woman, beauty of nature) awaken a sense of creativity and healing. The hardcover copy of the book includes blank stationery pages which you can use as a journal to express yourself.

Get your hands on it, turn the pages and experience sensations bared under a myriad of skies.

*Note: Ebook version does not include blank stationery pages.

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